Dirty Peach Lip Kit by Kylie

So like many of you I’ve seen Kylie Cosmetics talked about EVERYWHERE. I was curious to see her website and her product since so many people have been trying them out. I have Kylie on Snapchat and I always see her featuring her products, which I do love seeing.
I decided to try Dirty Peach Lip Kit because it is one of her featured lip kits and always sells out first. When I went to order it I was excited to see it was in-stock, so I decided to order it. The only downfall to ordering it online was that I never got a tracking number or an order confirmation and it took two weeks to get to me! I figured it was because it was popular, but the product was in-stock on the site and I never got an email that it was on backorder.

After I finally got it, I was excited to give it a try. I thought it would look exactly how it looked on Kylie on her insta page and her snapchat. But my complaint when I tried Dirty Peach on just a bare lip is it dried my lips out and started to crease in my lips so it did not have a smooth matte look I wanted or I saw. Then I wasn’t able to get it off my lips! It is definitely a lip kit that stays on your lips for a LONG time.

Today I tried it and has a base of a thick moisturizer to avoid that look and it went on a lot smoother. Some people have told me that the Dirty Peach is a lip kit that does dry your lips out and doesn’t let you have a smooth look. The good news is if you get Dirty Peach you definitely need a thick moisturizer underneath to get that smooth look and to be able to get it off if you want it too. The product is very lightweight on your lips and stays on, so if you are looking for a long-lasting lip kit go with Kylie, just make sure to have a base coat! Above is an accurate photo of what Dirty Peach looks like on. It does pair perfect with my Too Faced Sweet Peach shadow! 🙂
HAVE YOU tried Kylie Cosmetics yet? TELL me which produce is your favorite and your thoughts on the line! I’d love to hear from you!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

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  1. Omg it honestly looks the best on you! I haven’t seen it look so good so I wasn’t tempted but now I definitely am. Love this post! Xoxo

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