Vitamin C Serum

Dr Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Brighten and Firm Serum

Vitamin C Serum is a staple beauty item in my beauty regime. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals on your face caused from many things such as the UV rays from the sun or pollution in the air. Free radicals can damage the skin and make you look older. Our bodies do not produce vitamin C so we must put it on through a serum to help combat the effects of aging.

Another great thing about Vitamin C serum is it works to maintain and keep collagen production flowing to keep your skin youthful looking and not dull. There are many Vitamin C serums on the market some and range in price from $15.00 up to more then $100.
I have some favorites, but Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen Vitamin C Serum offers some great benefits. It is for all skin types and is fast absorbing which is a plus. Along with the vitamin C benefits Dr Gross’s C serum has other great ingredients such as CoQ10 to energize the skin. I use my serum in the morning underneath my moisturizer and sun screen. No paragons and is available at Sephora for $78.00

-Tamara, Founder

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