Fourth Dimension Jewelry and Company

I just got inspired today seeing my new jewelry collection coming in. If you were a fan of my former G beads you will be thrilled at my new line called Fourth Dimension Jewelry and Company by Original Piece. Unlike our glass g bead bracelets the Fourth Dimension line offers only authentic stones from all over the world.

All the stones selected for the jewelry line have a special meaning that is designed to enhance your faith and bring your journey with God closer to you. Every bracelet still has the signature olive wood from Bethlehem and is offered in Women’s and Men’s designs and children’s bracelets are available through special order. You will fall in love with Fourth Dimension Jewelry and Company by Original Piece because that is where God’s love for you begins.

The one pictured above is called Heaven’s Light made with Holographic Quartz and Opal stones. Each piece is handmade in the USA with Love!

Tamara, Founder and Designer 

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