Olivina Men For Your Guy

Olivina Men is something that my boyfriend loves. It’s the first body wash set that my boyfriend asked me to get for him again because he liked it. I first got it for him a few weeks ago when I was picking up some shaving cream at Target and noticed a sign on the shelf that said ‘New Product’ and I thought I’ll get this for him to try. I figured the guys must like it because the entire collection was almost gone. I grabbed what they had because I saw the word natural and the name of the scents were cool too.

I got him the Ginger Beer in the All-In-One Body Wash for $8.99 and in the bar soap for $4.99. Other scents were Bourbon Cedar and Jupiter Tonic.

Olivina Men has hit the market just for guys with all natural ingredients and essential oils. It is a vegan product, no animal testing with all recyclable packaging. Their collection includes shaving lotion (which they were out of) soaps, candles, and lip balms.

 It’s awesome for guys and I definitely recommend getting this for your guy. My boyfriend is definitely picky when it comes to products and he loved this one.
Available at Target!
– Brianna, OGP Stylist

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  1. Is this product animal safe, meaning not tested on animals?

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