L’Oreal Infallible Sculpt

I am always seeking the perfect liner to give me the perfect cat eye look. I have tried lots of liquids and pencils with more to go try to seek the perfect eyeliner that works for me.

I recently was at Target looking at all the “drug store” makeup, which by the way I love to do. I went to the L’oreal section and noticed that the Infallible SCULPT eyeliner was almost sold out! I had to get the last one or I was missing out! I was thinking that I had finally found the eyeliner I had been searching for.
I eagerly tried it out the next morning before work and was not impressed. It looks like a magic marker with a round, ball tip. I thought it just may work well, after all it was sold out. I felt like I was lining my eye with a Sharpie. The tip did not go on smooth and precise as promised and my cat eye look looked thick, messy, and like a child had done my make-up!  Not a good way to start my Wednesday morning.
I love some of L’oreal Infallible makeup, but this one is not on my must have list. I rate it an Original Piece 2 out of 5 star.

-Sandra B., OGP Mag Staff

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  1. Oh yikes! I was hoping this would be a great liner, the tip looks so cool! I most certainly do not want a sharpie like liner hahah!

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