ORIBE Night Cream

I am always up for new beauty products, especially beauty creams.  I believe you have to have a cocktail of beauty products and creams for your face. I feel if you only stick to one brand that after a while your favorite cream or potion losses its effectiveness. I love Oribe hair product s and they are ranked high on my A list so when Orbie  came out with face beauty products I was game. I got the Oribe Night Ceremony Ultra Rich Cream. It does have some amazing ingredients like peptides and raspberry extracts that are designed to give you transformed skin when you wake up.
I liked the Oribe Night Ceremony Cream but not as much as their hair products. I feel like it did its job and gave my skin moisture but it is not an all time favorite. I did try it overnight for a magic transformation but was a little disappointed in the product promise. Instead of using it overnight I have decided to use it under my makeup and after my sunscreen application on my face each morning. For $115.00 I thought the product was good but not awesome. I am giving it a 3 out of 5 Original Piece Rating.

Tamara, OGP Founder of Making Originals Look Amazing

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