My Craftsman Miter Saw

I got my Craftsman 10 inch Miter saw this past winter to handle some of the wood working DYI projects I like to do. I needed the miter saw to give me precise, clean cuts, especially doing my trim work and woodworking.
I am only 17 years old so after researching miter saws my family felt the Craftsman Miter Saw offered the best safety features and was the easiest to operate.
img_3806A real cool feature is this saw is it comes with a built in Laser Trak to help you saw with precision and accuracy and miters up to 50 degrees.

This saw also comes with a dust bag to keep your workshop clean from saw dust. This Craftsman Miter Saw comes with a bonus table to set the saw on making it so easy to handle and work with.

Retails for $189.00 including saw and table and comes with a one year warranty.


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