March: Top Three Drugstore Finds

My top three FAVORITE products I discovered at the drugstore for March are:
NYX Eye Shadow Base (white pearl): I have read reviews about NYX Eye Shadow base online, and I was searching for a new eyeshadow primer. I so glad I gave this a try! I selected the white pearl; because I like to wear a lot of colored eyeshadows, and I feel white is a great base to make the colors pop. This base does have a bit of shimmer, which I like when I’m wearing colorful eyeshadow.
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector SPF 20: This is a new product from Neutrogena. I have olive skin, and I choose the light to neutral 30 shade, which is a perfect match. I like that it is packaged in a tube, but has a cap to pump out the product. For me, this reduces the risk of me squeezing too much product out of the tube and wasting it. As many of you know I love moisturizers, for day moisturizers I always look for SPF. I think it is so important to protect your skin from the harmful sun rays. You don’t realize how much sun exposure you are getting through your day-to-day activities, so wearing day moistures with SPF is a smart choice! This moistures not only provides sheer coverage, but also treats imperfections and fine lines with retinol. It is non-greasy, lightweight, and leaves my skin glowing!
Jumbo Cosmetic Wedges: Lately, I have been reading reviews online about makeup blending tools having a bacteria build up, or even mold issues. To be honest, that freaked me out! When I was at the drugstore, I thought why don’t I give cosmetic wedges a chance!! 🙂 Like many of the blending tools, you can wet the sponge to blend the product and the wedge sponge does place coverage in the small areas of your face. I love the fact these wedges are disposal after each use, and they don’t have an over-budget price tag. Give Cosmetic Wedges a try!! They will keep your make-up routine clean and fresh, while giving you a flawless look. Be sure to select cosmetic wedges that are latex free!

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