God’s Love in a Bracelet

My faith based jewelry line has come along way in the last 2 years. It has all been God breathed from the first time the idea came to me. It was for me but not of me to design, market, and bring to all the people who wear them. The only thing that God never told me was what to name the jewelry line. So I came up with “G beads” on my own because of our “g” in our logo. However, after a year the name was not right because it was not special and too generic for something so near and dear. I paused and just put my name on them for the last few months until I could figure out what God wanted me to name our special jewelry.

It is funny how God works and one side note you must pay attention to are the signs and wonders and if you don’t He will give you more signs until you finally say, “I GOT IT!” That is what happened to me with the jewelry, I kept hearing the name he wanted but kept ignoring the name not intentionally, just not knowing. Three nights ago I heard the name again and thought, “Is this the name I am supposed to call our special jewelry?” Again the name I kept hearing was on my heart, but I was not sure. I was doing my routine work out on the treadmill and had the TV on an inspirational channel. I heard the name again while I was running and I literally almost fell off the treadmill because this time He told me the name loud and clear. I could not believe it! I could no longer question why I kept hearing that name over and over again, “I FINALLY GOT IT.”

The former ‘Gbeads’ or ‘Tamara+Oakley’ jewelry line will retire and the new name will be Fourth Dimension Jewelry and Co. Why Fourth Dimension? It is where you find God’s love. Our new line of jewelry will only have authentic stones beads and pearls. We will only have special and limited edition bracelets that are beautiful and all carry a special meaning that is passed on to the wearer.  All of our jewelry will still have our signature olive wood beads.

All of our Fourth Dimension jewelry is proudly hand made in the United States.

Look for Fourth Dimension Jewelry and Co. to debut in store and online April 4, 2017.

Tamara, OGP Founder

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