Take Me to The Smokies

There is nothing like a weekend spent in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This photo was shot in my most favorite spot in the Smokies, Cades Cove. This “mountain view” was shot in the valleys of Cades Cove after the sunrise in the early/late morning. Every photographer or anyone needs to spend an early morning in Cades Cove because it is so breath taking. I recommend going at sunrise when they open the gates, if you wait too late it will get crowed with cars. I learned that the hard way! 🙂
restoresI shot this photo using my tripod and Fuji XT1 by FujiFilm. This photo was really shot “right out of the camera,” I just added some vibrance. Fuji is a great camera to take along on a Smoky Mountain trip for landscapes because of its built in capabilities of enhancing color, sharpness, and clarity. It’s lightweight and easy to carry too, especially in the mountains.
Ralphi, Ralphi’s Photography

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