See the World in Black and White

Today I’m wearing one of my favorite Original Piece dresses called Sparks of Adventure Dress that I just picked up online. I was so excited when I saw this dress because it has all of spring’s hottest trends in one. The off-the-shoulder trend, the ruffle trend, the bell-sleeve trend, and the shift style. Sometimes I’m a little hesitant about the shift style because I’m short, but this style is offset by added ruffle and bell-sleeve design.
I got to do a photoshoot for Original Piece with my puppy dalmatian, Gatsby, because he is the official store logo for the brand and the dress is an exclusive piece of the brand. He has gotten a lot bigger since his last photoshoot and this shoot he was disciplined enough to lay down and capture this photo. (I’ve been teaching him to sit, stay, and give me your paw.)
I was really excited that Ralphi from Ralphi Reign’s Photography put these photos in black and white because it gave it a fun edge that I love. It added a calmness to the photoshoot to capture that moment in time that you can see the world in black and white. She did an amazing job on these photos and Gatsby looks just as photogenic as ever.
I styled it to keep it bohemian by adding my new favorite lace up sandals I got from Target. They are actually really comfortable and easy to wear. They stayed tied up and I didn’t get any blisters from them which as you know is always a plus! I love how the dress is also lined with navy detail!
Do you ever capture a moment in time that can been in black and white? What do you think of this dress?! CLICK here shop this look and match me! 🙂
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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