Size is Just a Number

Size is just a letter or a number. Many of my clients often times focus on the size of the dress, without looking at the dress itself. Often times, my clients miss out on a great outfit or dress, because they are fixated on the size! Honestly, everything runs differently some things do run big and some things do run small.
I have worked in the retail industry for five years, and prior to that I was/am an avid shopper (You will probably catch me at the mall on my day off!) I LOVE to SHOP! What I have learned is there is no universal size guide for women’s clothing. Each designer, manufacturer, brand, and retailer have their own systems. In addition, sizes vary due to other factors such as: the cut, the style, the fabric, even the country it is made in. There are many variables that affect the size of the clothes. As I said last week, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”…Give it a try if you really love it! If you don’t like the size the tag says, I tell my clients to sharpie over the size with the size they want to see, or cut the tag out completely!
TAKEAWAY: In my closet, I have clothes from a small to a large.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask for a different size, the sales associate is focused on the making a sale not the size your buy!
Nina, Original Stylist

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