‘Merica Gatsby Edition Tee

Each month I come up with at least two new limited edition designs of our Gatsby tees. This month I launched our ‘Merica edition along with our St. Patty’s Day tees. Each one will be available online and is already available in-store this week exclusively. The Gatsby tees sellout as soon as our customers find out we launched a new limited edition design. Each design has the whole team working 24.7 on it until it’s finalized. After we all agree on the design it then goes into production.
mom-t-shirtI got the ‘Merica edition first and paired it with my favorite cowboy boots and jeans. This look gives it a fun twist and is easy to wear with 7 kids. I was on the go and wore this look to run all my errands and I got so many compliments on my outfit. It gives a twist to a fun casual look.
I’m definitely loving this patriotic collar because it’s perfect year round to wear and the perfect July 4th weekend tee. Show your patriotism though everyday when you wear this new edition Gatsby ‘Merica tee! Comment below what you think of this look!
The message behind the Gatsby tee with the Original Piece brand is that you embrace your originality. You dare to yourself when you wear one of the tees and you join a movement that is spreading all across the USA.
It isn’t always easy when you’re designing a new t-shirt look, but the reward when it’s finally done and you get to actually touch and feel the product is definitely always worth it! Dream Big. You can get this shirt by calling Original Piece at: (904) 772-5439 and get FREE shipping! 🙂

Tamara, Founder

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