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Florida is so humid and to curl your hair ORIBE have it go straight before we walk out the front for can be discouraging. Florida is a good state to see if hairsprays really work. ORIBE Superfine Hair Spray is one of my favorites to use, especially at our photoshoots. If I want big hair for one of my looks ORIBE works great. Even when I wear my hair straight ORIBE give my hair shine and keeps it place.

ORIBE Superfine Hair Spray is a medium hold dry spray (never goes on wet) that I can brush through and keep my hair in style. This product is rated an Original Piece 5 Star Product.
mom-instaI used it in when I did this photoshoot above with Ralphi Reign’s Photography. It made my hair have full volume and my hair stayed like this for the full two hours of the shoot which was awesome!
XOXO- Tamara, Founder

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