Be Inspired in the Sunset

Be inspired today. Whether it be just walking outside in the sunshine underneath the spring rays. Be inspired by everything that surrounds you.
This photo was taken right at dusk and put in a silhouette photography style. I love this image because it captures the goodness and joy in a sunset. All the emotions, the known, the faith, the pure happiness is all captured into one.
Ralphi from Ralphi Reign’s Photography took this image and it’s one of my favorites of my elf.
The pureness and calmness seen is everything you feel when your outdoors in the nature of God surrounded by such greatness. I absolutely love this photo at sunset with the silhouette effect. What do you THINK? What inspired you this Sunday?!
‘You O God, make the dawn and the sunset shout shout for joy.’- Psalm 65:8
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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