Alarm Clock for Everyone

Sometimes guys need help getting up and I’m one of them. I’ve tried a smart phone, iPhone,  IWatch, IHome and still can’t hear the alarm to get up. After being late several times for my appointments and not even having time for a morning coffee, I decided to find something better to wake me up on time.
I googled alarm clocks for people who can’t hear their alarm clocks and the Talking Time, Month and Date Alarm Clock came up on Amazon for $49.95. It’s literally designed for people that have a hearing problem or can’t see very well. The clock talks to you and with a touch of the knob tells you the time and date. It is a lady that talks to you with a very pleasent, proper, English accent. She speaks clear and the alarm clock is loud.
I successfully wake up everyday now on time. It’s battery operated,  plus is you can take it with you when you travel. Great product for everybody!

David, OGP Contributor

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