Make a Statement in Glasses

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you might have noticed my bold eyeglass choices. I love to coordinate my glasses with my make- up and outfits. It is one of my trademarks! Like my lip color, I believe glasses are meant to make a statement, so I don’t shy away from bright colors or bold frames in eyewear.
My favorite place to purchase my eyewear is SEE (Selective Eyewear Elements). SEE collections are unique, fun, and limited! Their frames change out frequently, which pushes me to try- out new styles! SEE just launched their online shopping site, so take some time to browse their fabulous frames! Don’t be afraid to try daring shapes, fearless colors, and bold materials (stainless steel and nylon are creating some awesome frames!) Glasses will make a statement, start a conversation, and leave a lasting impression.
If you are worried you won’t be able to coordinate your outfits with bright colored frames, then try a neutral color with a bold frame or material. If you want to try a color, keep your outfits neutral, so your glasses become the star of your outfit.
I challenge you to go bold with your eyewear this Spring/Summer, whether it be a pair of sunglasses or a pair of eyeglasses. Your bold choice will not only inspire you, but also the people around you!
Nina, Original Stylist

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