Fitness Tips for Moms

Working out and healthy eating was something I didn’t do until about 10 years ago when a health scare made me wise in evaluating how I looked after myself. I started educating myself on healthy living and the steps to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Today I’m sharing my Fitness Tips for Moms.

Because seven kids and a business, working out is a challenge to do because there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day. This 20 minute plan for the treadmill is perfect for the days my workouts land on a jam packed filled with activities for the kids, meetings, and traveling. As a result I have found this to be a good workout. Most noteworthy are the added inclines.



3.5 Incline: 0 Time (minutes): 3

4 Incline: 2 Time (minutes): 3

4 Incline: 4 Time (minutes): 2

Speed 4.5 Incline: 6 Time (minutes): 1

4.5 Incline: 0 Time (minutes): 1

The Speed 4.5 Incline: 2 Time (minutes): 3

Speed 5 Incline: 4 Time (minutes): 2

5 Incline: 6 Time (minutes): 1

Speed 5 Incline: 1 Time (minutes): 1

3.5 Incline: 0 Time (minutes): 3

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  1. Sounds great!!! Lovin’ the shoes!! 😊😊😊

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