Not Only for Babies

Taking off your makeup can be tricky, especially if you wear water proof mascara and 24 hour “staying power” lipsticks. Photo shoots can especially be hard on your skin because you put it on heavier for the camera and some make up removers work and some do not.
You should not have to work and scrub at your skin to get your make up off. It is hard on your skin and can cause damage. I have always used Vaseline to remove all my make up and lipstick. I like that the Vaseline moisturizes around my eyes and eyebrows. Vaseline also is a great moisturizer for my lips. It is a great old fashion product that does two things in one, removes make up and moisturizes at the same time.
The only trick is to make sure you remove the Vaseline completely, especially around your eye area. I gentle massage my eyes to remove make up and use a tissue and gentle wipe of the excess Vaseline. Vaseline works and is value such great value and price. Available where baby products are sold.
Tamara, Founder

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