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Folicure Edition

If I am not having a good hair day it can mess up my whole day up. I do not know why I am like this either, all that I know is it is true. I have many favorite hair products that help me have a great hair day.

One that I love is Folicure shampoo and conditioner. It is not popular and you will probably not find it in any of the “upscale” salons. Sally’s Beauty Supply carries it along with Walmart and Amazon.

I first found out about Folicure when I lived in Alabama. I would get my hair done at a tiny country hair salon run by a friendly, southern stylist. I asked her one time what she used in hair to keep it looking so thick, pretty, and healthy. That is when she told me about Folicure. It is a great product to keep your scalp healthy, which in turn keeps your hair thicker. It minimizes product build up, leaving hair smooth and soft.

I use Follicles 1 to 2 times a week depending on the amount of product I have used in my hair. After I shampoo with Folicure I use one of my favorite deep conditioners, rinse and blow dry and style!  It is inexpensive at about 6-9 dollars for a 12 oz bottle.
Tamara, Founder

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