Guys: V Rated Hair Wax

I have tried a lot hair gels and hair waxes. V Rated Natural Wax by V76 works great. For my hair style that I have right now where my hair is combed to the side and back it works to keep hair in place. What I like about V Rated Natural Wax is the way it smells. It is not heavily scented, it just smells good. I also like putting it in my hair in the morning and having it last all day. If I have to re-comb my hair I do not have to reapply any more hair product because it holds all day.

The only negative that I can find with V Rated Natural Wax by V76 is the price. It costs around $21 for a 1.7 oz jar and is only available at select salons and Amazon.

Gina, OGP

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