On Trend: Tees

It’s a guy thing that has become such a huge trend. Face it. How many guys do you know or see in a day wearing a tee. The question in guy fashion is ‘how trendy’ are those tees. Tees might be basic but it’s all about what’s on the tee that sets the trend.
If you see a guy wearing a trendy tee, let’s face it girls’ we want the tee. The new guy trend tee to wear that girls’ are starting to wear now is the the Original Piece tees. It has the official ‘Gatsby’ logo with a different collar on each edition of the shirts. The shirts are awesome because just like the name, there are only so many ‘original’ tees made with that specific logo. Once it’s sold out, another tee is created.
Let’s just say you can’t wait too long because if you do the shirt in your size will be gone and you won’t be able to get it at all.
Guys tees are a thing and what guys are loving is what girls’ are wanting in tees. Whether you go out or are spending the day in, a tee makes a statement.
Don’t miss this hot new trend for spring. Be sure to check-out the Original Piece Gatsby’s tees because this is a definite trend you don’t want to miss out on. Brett our featured cover model is wearing one of the tees pictures above!
What do YOU think of the tee trend?!
– Brianna, OGP Staff Writer

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