Homeschooling Part 3

Homeschooling is something parent’s need to think about and research before taking the plunge. It is commitment and it is a commitment that has to be taken seriously by the parents and children. There are positives and negatives to homeschooling, but for our family the positives out way the negatives. I can share the great things about homeschooling for us, especially through a private online school and the things about schooling online that can be an obstacle for our family.

On the positive side of homeschooling the curriculum is great for our school. Each grade levels learning experience is great at Keystone National School and they learn so much. The curriculum opens up their minds to new things. Sebastian just got done doing an in-depth series on the American Revolution all the way to the signing on the Constitution in his History class and really enjoyed it. The high schoolers have their required classes but have a wide variety of courses to choice from as well. For an elective this year they are taking Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance and Ralphi is taking Fashion Merchandising for her elective. Pretty cool stuff to learn about! For my kindergartner the curriculum is heavy into phonics and literature. What I like about the phonics course for him is the sections done online that have lots of great interacting videos to help with letter and blending sounds.

Something else that is great about homeschool is the children can work at their own pace and if they to take more time on something it is no big deal. This type of learning for my kids ensures they really are learning. I also know what type of learners they are and what helps them excel in their strengths and what I can do to help them with their weaker subjects.

We can also plan a field trip for a few days away, like Washington DC or I take them on one of my buying trips. We simply work ahead for a few days to make up for the days missed.

The well-trained staff and certified teachers are there for the students and parents to answer all questions.

The guidance counselors also prepare and guide the 11 and 12 grade students to enter college or university.

The negatives I have found in homeschooling are staying discipline. Circumstances do come up and sometimes suddenly and you have to decide if it is worth forfeiting school for it. That is how I keep everyone on track. I look at each situation, even ones that come up unexpectedly and I have to decide if it is more important then my child’s education.

Online private homeschooling is not free and there is tuition that provide certified teachers, books and supplies.

Another negative, which I think people make a big deal about is socialization skills. I know they are not with kids their own age at school, however they can go to after school programs to make up for it. I think homeschooling allows different social skills but that does not mean they are less then children in traditional school.

The only other negative that I can think of is that one of the parent’s who will be the “learning coach” has to give up their time to teach school. If their child is in middle school or high school a learning coach is not as important on a daily basis only overseeing school progress.

Our family personally loves homeschooling. Keystone National School with their staff and curriculum make homeschooling easy for me. I feel the children are getting an awesome, cutting edge education that is preparing them for their future. My children not only love learning but have found out that they have many talents that they can excel in too.

Tamara, Founder

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