Who said clothes alone are the only thing fashionable? I am declaring foods can be fashionable too. Foods can go in and out of style too. For my family I have been trying to buy foods that are not Genetically Modified. It can come up on our food labels as GMO. It is in a lot of foods on our grocery shelves and I am beginning to buy more and more organic food products.
A lot of the packaged foods that the kids like, even crackers, chips and cookies contain ingredients derived from corn, soy, canola, and sugar beet which can be genetically modified.  The US government has okayed the use of GMO’s and says they are safe to consume.  The use of GMOs was introduced into our foods in the mid 1990s. The reason for GMO usage is for food productivity and herbicide tolerance.
I do not know whether it is safe for my family to eat are not. I have researched the internet about GMO’s and am not sure whether I want my children consuming them. In the mean time I will educate myself more on GMO safety and we are going to fashionably eat non GMO foods, reading the labels carefully and spending the extra money to buy organic. The kids are actually liking the new food choices and one of their favorite organic non GMO snacks are from Annie’s. That is how we eat fashionably eat foods the Original Way!

Tamara, Founder and Mom

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