Being Homeschooled Part 2

For my family and children homeschooling was a great decision. I always get asked how I do it with the business and teaching too. We have structure along with discipline and that is what guides us through school. Also, because we chose Keystone National School our curriculum is already done and planned out. We simply follow along or if we choose can go at a faster pace. I do not teach the older children. The most I do for them is read over a research paper or view a powerpoint. They go online and have their schedules, teachers and know what to do.

For me teaching the little kids is fun. We get up have breakfast and I get the morning business calls out of the way. After breakfast we are in the school room ready to go. Teaching gives me the best excuse in the world with my busy schedule to spend time with my kids. We talk, laugh, learn and have a great time.

Most days we spend 5  straight hours doing school. We do not take breaks or have recess. I do have a snack time for the little ones if they are hungry, but we usually go right through until we have completed all that is needed for the day.  After school we then have lunch and then head to any scheduled doctors visits and appointments.

If we are going out of town we plan and work ahead.

When school is over life gets busy with Original Piece, balancing owning a business, after school activities and being a mom.

Tamara, Founder

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