Gatsby Training

Today I took Gatsby out for Sunday Funday. We went cruising around and since Gatsby was six pounds he has always come with me everywhere so he loves taking drives. He lays down in my truck and watches out the window. He absolutely love car rides.
Tomorrow we officially start training at PetSmart. I’m going to keep you guys posted how I like it. He is starting in group puppy classes for his training. That way he is socialized with other pets and he learns basic commands. I’m hoping he does good and the classes are effective.
Right now Gatsby does have some bad habits of jumping on the counters and grabbing food, biting, and sometimes being a little so aggressive with my younger brothers and sisters. Part of it I know is he is a puppy but some of it I need help on training him. I take him for walks everyday too which helps calm him down for a little while.
But I’m taking you guys on my journey starting tomorrow night on his PetSmart training! Have any of you had any experience with trainers and your puppies.

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