Clinique Makeup Pick of the Day

Clinique is my most favorite favorite favorite makeup line in the whole world! I love all their products. There products are very well made and last a whole day on your face. The eyeshadows, mascara, liners, and blushes feel really good on your face and don’t irritate your face. They always have those bright bold yet pastel colors that light up your face.
Clinique makeup is fresh and affordable. Lastly, I have been loving their foundation. I am a huge fan of their makeup designs and packaging. Clique relates really well with my age and since I am only 17, they help educate me on how to properly do my makeup by providing numbers in their eyeshadow palettes and their makeup counters at a variety of department stores are always the best help. Clinique is perfect for all make-up beginners! Since turning 17, I have started to use foundation on my face before applying make-up. I have grown to be in love with it! It really makes my face glow and makes my face soft. Their foundation is made with sunscreen, so that is a benefit! After applying my foundation to my face, I wanted to add some shimmer and sparkle, I came across a Bare Minerals product that does just that called Mineral Veil.

I picked up all the items at my Sephora!
Xoxo Ralphi <3

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  1. I use Clinique, too. I have sensitive skin and it is the only product I have found that works and doesn’t break me out. I have also found their pore minimizer looks great under the foundation.

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