Betty White Snickers Commercial

If you are a Betty White fan you will love her in this throwback Super Bowl Snickers Commercial. Betty White has never lost her sense of humor in anything she has done and this commercial is no exception. The Betty White Snickers Commercial doesn’t fall short in showing off her hilarious side. I’ve watched this commercial on repeat so many times I can’t keep track. In addition this has to be one of the best-ever Super bowl commercials.

I absolutely love this commercial and I’m a huge Betty White fan so this commercial was perfect. It definitely makes me want to go get another snickers! I just watched her in the movie The Proposal and Golden Girls and she never changes. Seems like Betty White is always her fun loving self.

Watch the Betty White Snickers Commercial above if you haven’t already or if you want to watch it again! Probably the best commercial yet. In conclusion this Betty White commercial is one you simply can miss.

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