Never Let Go of Your Dreams

As you guys know I’ve been writing a lot about following your dreams and how this year I’m finally going to break out of shell with my singing. This quote I chose today has a lot to do with that.
‘Never Let Go of Your Dreams’ is a huge thing. Whether you think your dream is small or large nothing is ever out of reach.
I listen to Joel Osteen every morning and his messages are very powerful. He always talks about that with God all things are possible and I definitely agree with that. It reminded me the other day that all the dreams and ambitious things I’ve wanted to do are still possible. That when God plants a seed in you it can be a year or ten before you do something with it. But if you follow that little voice within you can and will accomplish it.
So today remember those dreams you might have forgotten about and reawaken those things and go after them!
xoxo- HeyitsCarlyRae

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