It’s About Being Remembered

‘Elegance is not being noticed, it’s about being remembered.’
How true is that statement?
After I saw the photos by Ralphi from Ralphi Reign’s Photography, I absolutely loved all of them. I couldn’t pick just one favorite. She captured that elegance that I didn’t even see. The vintage inspired dress is from Original Piece and the detailed photography is by Ralphi.
Sometimes seeing a photo of yourself can change the way you look at yourself. We don’t always see ourselves how others see us. We always pick and chose things we like or don’t like about ourself and usually it’s things no one ever notices.
The thing I love most about Ralphi taking photos of me on my instagram and for Original Piece is the fact that she captures that side of myself no one else can. The flaws you think you have don’t exist and you can see yourself in a whole new light.
So today noticed that elegance inside yourself. See yourself how others see how and how you were created to be. Don’t let anyone take that elegance from you. Be inspired and see yourself for who you truly are!

xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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