Disney World Adventure: Part 2

We decided to walk around the Magic Kingdom and find my childhood favorite attraction, Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. There were no lines or wait for this attraction, which made me feel like my childhood memories were very outdated for the new generations. The kids loved the attraction because it was refreshing to get to see something in the Magic Kingdom. Afterward, we ended up back at Cinderella’s  Castle where there was a show going on with the Disney characters and Elsa from Frozen singing her infamous song “Let it Go.” Any attempt to get close enough to get a picture was impossible. We had yet gotten one autograph from any character because they were far and few and when one was spotted there were lines and long waits to get any signatures and pictures. The only character that was free of a line was Mary Poppins, again I felt the generation gap.

By this point we were feeling a bit disappointed and very hot. I was so hot I actually thought I was going to pass out and I can usually handle the heat. I wanted to quit and go home. I looked around and realized everyone was moving in slow motion and I knew then if I did not get in some air conditioning I was going to pass out. I felt very discouraged. This was supposed to be a big deal for the kids and so far it was agony.

We had to wait 3 hours for our Fast Passes to kick in for the rides in Magic Kingdom so we decided to visit another park to pass the time. We hopped on an air conditioned bus and drove to Hollywood Studios. I sat on the bus and felt like I had been through a war zone of people, heat, noise, and money. After my body temperature cooled down and I could think again I decided to accept the fact that we needed to salvage the day and I told the kids to just grab the experience of being there and to just appreciate the fact that we got to go and at least see what Disney was all about.
We got off the bus in Hollywood Studios with renewed energy, especially after we saw a cart that sold water and gatorade. It was not the magic number of $70 for water, but at that point I would have payed any amount to feel hydrated again. Through the gates we went in hopes of saving the day and using the next 3 hours wisely before returning to the Magic Kingdom with all our reservations at hand to go on the rides that were the popular attractions. Even the Alice in Wonderland Teacups was a 2 hour reserved wait.

Hollywood Studios had a 1920’s retro old Hollywood feel. It was amazing. We got souvenirs of  t-shirts and Star Wars lightsabers and an Ariel doll. That magic number of $70 for 3 shirts appeared and again for the toys. At this point I was finding that amusing.

Hollywood Studios was a little different and we were able to see a recap of all the Star Wars movies inan air conditioned theater. The children also saw live Clone Troopers march around them, but no autographs. There was one Star Wars ride the kids could go on with only a 30 minute wait and you did not have to use your Fast Pass! The kids patiently waited in line while I sat on a near by bench with the baby. I had a chance to sit for exactly 34 minutes. The kids waited in line for 30 minutes and the ride was 4 minutes long. They were grateful that they got to experience their first ride of the day. Believe it or not two hours had gone by and we needed to head back to the Magic Kingdom to ensure we would be on time for all our reservations to the desired rides the kids wanted to go on. Back to the bus we went and 45 minutes later we were back at Magic Kingdom and so were the classic afternoon thunderstorms of the hot Florida summer days. With thunder and lightening only 25 minutes away, according to our phone app we needed to quickly decide if we were up to battling Mother Nature.
Stay tuned for Part 3!
Tamara, Founder

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