Butterflies are…

This photo is my most favorite “spring” photo I think I have ever done. I had never shot a photo of a butterfly before! I had always wanted to capture one before, but could never get my focus right on one or could find one that I would be close enough too.
But it was my lucky day… This butterfly flew into my garden in front of me, and I so happened to have my Canon with me and shot a photo with my 70-200mm lens. I was in the middle of a portrait photo shoot and didn’t think anything of my butterfly shot because I didn’t think it turned out, I didn’t even shoot it with a macro lens or at the right settings for a insect image. Later, I was processing my portrait images and came across this butterfly shot, I couldn’t believe it! It had color, a beautiful blurred background and the depth of field was perfect, and the pose of the butterfly was just right. It literally is everything a butterfly photographer would want in a photo! 🙂

     I chose this quote for an inspirational message today because butterfly’s are heavenly, the way that they fly is as elegant as anything you will ever see. They are so gentle and look as if they are angels themselves. I hope this photo gets you in the mood for spring!

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