Perfect Mascara, Perfect Wand

I found the perfect mascara that can take care of anyone’s bottom lashes. Whether your lashes are full and short or fine and thin NYX the skinny mascara will make your lashes look great. It is the wand that is amazing! It is thin and small and it is sure to neatly brush over your bottom lashes with no caking lumping or mess.

How do I use this amazing mascara?

First, I brush my top lashes, which are thick, straight and short with a bigger wand and with another favorite mascara, Chanel, using several coats.

I then take my NYX the skinny mascara and brush my bottom lashes and then put a final coat of NYX on the top lashes. I do this to separate my top lashes from any clumping. My bottom lashes that are so fine and thin suddenly they look amazing thanks to my NXY the skinny mascara that gives them an amazing finishing touch!

Do you have a favorite mascara? Comment below and let me know!

Tamara, Founder

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