Facing Your Fears

Singing for the Soul

Most of my followers don’t know, but my true passion is singing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to since I was three. I remember listening to the radio in the car and belting out every single country song that came on. Patsy Cline, Reba, Shania Twain, Toby Keith, you name the great country artist and chances are I know their songs by heart.
The good ole’ country tunes is where the heart of country music is at and I love listening to it.
I’ve always loved singing, but I’ve always been afraid of sharing that talent with the world. I’ve been to Nashville and I have my original music, but for some reason something always holds me back form actually getting it recorded.

The phrase ‘you’re not good enough’ always seems to come up in the back of my mind and I stop doing it. I remember hearing myself the first time I didn’t believe it was actually me. But the guy in the label gave it critiques which I took as I wasn’t good enough and I never finished the recording.
Singing is very personal for me and it’s a way into my soul. As I’ve gotten older I’ve put myself out there a little more, but then harnessed it back in and have kept in in a tight jar with the lid glued shut.
After my ear surgery my hearing is no where near where it was and when I sing I can’t fully hear from my left ear, so that’s big another hurdle that I’ve had to overcome. It’s always been a true passion of mine to sing, and my goal this year is to overcome that fear inside and get my songs recorded and share them with all of you.
I posted my rendition of Patsy Cline: Walkin’ After Midnight, which is a favorite song of mine and posted it on Youtube. I have it posted above for all of you to listen too. Comment below and let me know your thoughts. If you have the same fear as me, putting your songs out there, join the walk with me and let’s make 2017 the year to share it!

Until next time!
xoxo- HeyitsCarlyRae

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  1. Love this Carly!

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