Be Confident in your Selfie

Taking a selfie can be hard. It shows you in a different light that can show what you’re most self-concious about in yourself. Usually, it is something that no one would notice but you, but having the confidence to overcome that can be difficult.
I admit when I take a selfie, sometimes I look for the perfect light or for the perfect angle, and sometimes I take ten selfies before savings one. But as time has gone by I’m okay with not looking 100% perfect in all of mine. I am who I am and if someone wants to criticize a selfie or a photo, let them.
Sometimes when you take a selfie you have to ask yourself, do you like it? If your answer is yes, then forget what other people think because you are saying you love being who you are. Once you can overcome that and accept yourself you will be more beautiful in your selfie, because your inner beauty and your confidence will shine through.
People who will look at your selfie will be able to see your confidence in your eyes, because let’s face it a selfie shows everything and being confident in who you are shows. When you share your selfie your confidence can make a different to many people. Even if it makes a difference in one person’s life, you are spreading confidence in being yourself to others.
When I was in school I faced bullying, but I never lost who I was even though sometimes it can be hard. I know some of the girls’ who bullied me follow me on social media, but when I post my pictures I don’t care what they think. I post my selfies because I want to share everything you can overcome and be I share with all my followers to be happy with yourself first and the people who care about the most will follow. Don’t let anyone change your smile or your selfie! Express yourself through your selfie and be confident in who you are.
So start Monday off with a selfie and share your confidence in being who you are. Don’t be afraid to selfie, share your confidence and share you beauty with the world.
DECLARE TO BE YOURSELF today in your SELFIE! Mine’s above. Post yours or comment below your thoughts! Follow me on instagram: HeyitsCarlyRae

-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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