Inspiring Person: Joel Osteen

Every time I workout I always tune into an inspirational channel. Lately, though since I’ve had to change my workouts to nights I haven’t been able to watch the inspiring messages I usually do. But last week my mom told me Joel Osteen had a channel on Sirus XM.

I tuned it and you can listen to his messages all day. So now wherever I’m going I turn his messages on and just listen to the inspiring messages. The way Joel Osteen can capture the word of God and can make his messages easy for anyone to understand. I really enjoy all of Joel Osteen messages. Usually when I turn on his messages listen to it is usually what I needed to hear in the day. It’s about something I’m facing and need guidance on. Being reminded that I’m not alone and hearing the word of God makes the biggest difference in my day and in my life.
Joel Osteen is truly and inspiring person and is an example of how doing what you were created to be and do through God can make you flourish. By listening to his Holy Spirit and hearing God’s messages he has been able to be as successful with his messages and allow thousands to be touched with the Holy Spirit.
Who do you find inspiring? Have you listened to Joel Osteen? Above is a clip of one of Joel’s messages! Watch if you haven’t heard him before!

xoxo- HeyitsCarlyRae

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