A Taste of Success, The Original Way

I get asked all the time if it is easy owning your own business? Lots of times people think that you are your own boss, you make your own hours, and you pay yourself first then worry about all the expenses of the company later. All of the above would be awesome but it is wrong, except for you being your own boss.

Being your own boss is only as good as how successful your business is. If you are not doing well and your business is failing then being your own boss means nothing.

Making your own hours sounds great but be prepared to have the discipline to get up early and go to bed late.

Getting paid is only established if you are making money. It is not like working for another company as an hourly or salaried employee where you are guaranteed a pay check (whether the company made money that week or not). When you own your own business there is no one but you to pay all the expenses and what is left over you can have.

For me owning my own business has been really hard. It has required more balancing between being a mom and business owner and less time for me. I know what it is like to not get a paycheck from my business so I could pay all my business expenses.

However, watching my business mature has been very rewarding, despite the growing pains. My sacrifices and mistakes have paid off and given me a taste of success and made me a stronger business owner.

My advice to anyone thinking of a start up business is to do your homework and know that it is going to take a lot of dedication, many long hours, and not getting discouraged.  Do not compare your business to anyone else and most important  believe in yourself.

“Many of my greatest ideas have been late at night after a good cry and a powerful prayer to get my spirits back up! “  Tamara Oakley, Founder of OGP

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