Meet Ralphi

I’m Ralphi, a seventeen-year-old award-winning professional photographer from Florida. I started off taking photos from my iphone when I was twelve years old. I will never forget the moment I took my first photograph from my iPhone. My first photo I took was of a baby raccoon my family and I recused that had been hurt. Since that day I’ve never stopped shooting or gone a moment without my camera or iphone somewhere beside me. You never know when a breathless moment is going to pass you by!

From that moment my passion of photography keeps growing and growing.

One of my favorite things to shoot in photography is nature and landscape photography. I’ve traveled to the Smoky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Virginia, and Banner Elk to name a few. I do sunrise photo-shoots in the mountains and have even gotten to see ‘Santa’s workshop’ cottage in the snow. Even though I’m only 4’11 I still can carry my camera gear through ten inches of snow to get the one ‘moment in time’ photo!

One of my favorite trips was when I got to go to Nashville, Tennessee and spend the week with Ricky Skaggs the 14 Grammy winner and have the chance to do a portrait session of him, which is my most viewed photograph . I even got the opportunity to take photos at the Rymn Theater when he performed the last night with Kentucky Thunder!
Besides traveling and taking nature and landscape photography I also love fashion photography. I’m the Head photographer for Original Piece Brand and do all their social media and fashion ad photography as well as for the newly launched Ggirl Modeling.

I love capturing each and every girl’s inner originality that no one else might see inside of each of them. Beauty starts from the inside out and I love being able to capture the “Ggirl Models” inner beauty better known as their ‘inner originality.’ I hope to be an inspiration to each girl.

One of my fashion photographer inspirations is Joe McNally. I spent a week with him and learn so much that I will never forget. His “Faces of Ground Zero” portraits of the Heroes of September 11th will forever be in my memory after I saw them. The pictures were published in LIFE magazine and helped raise 9/11 relief efforts. He is also known for his cover stories in Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Lands End, just to name a few. Scott Kelby is also a big inspiration to me, who is the founder of KelbyOne. Fashion is also a big inspiration to me. Getting to work with all different clothing and fashion models each day is a dream come true for me. I love getting creative and coming up with all different themes for each shoot. My biggest fashion inspiration is Audrey Hepburn and Maryiln Monroe.

My journey in photography has just begun when I look back at where I am today from using my iphone I feel so incredibly blessed.
I love being able to capture life’s moments into a photo whether it’s nature, landscape, or fashion photography.
I never would be able to be where I am today without my inspirations: God, my Grandfather ‘Poppy,’ and my mom.
I See. Breathe. And sleep all things photography. I can’t wait to start my day and take pictures of anything and everything!

Ralphi Reign

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