CEO The Original Way

CEO The Original Way

I get ask all the time…”How does the founder of Original Piece, Tamara+Oakley Jewelry  and mom of 7 do everything in a day?”

 I don’t get half of what I want to get done in a day. I just can’t without letting the kids suffer. So somethings get put on hold until I can get to it. Not only is there the daily routines of the family and the business, I homeschool too. The children all go to private schools online. I do not pick out their curriculum, but I have to implement and teach the elementary age kids and make sure they are excelling and staying on track. After school is over, which is usually by 3 in the afternoon, my duties as a CEO of a company begin. Merchandising, buying, photoshoots, social media, and employees to name a few. Then there still is the house to maintain and healthy meals to think about. It can be a bit overwhelming to say the least! Just writing about all the responsibilities stresses me out!  I pace myself and make sure the kids know they are first in my life and I am there for them. If I know they know that, I seem to be able to accomplish more in a day.

My older girls help me run the company and are a huge help to me in building the company to where it is today. It is a true family affair everyday.

My Number One Rule, whether you are a stay at home mom or a  working mom is to always appreciate the little things with your children. I have found the little moments that are not planned out are the big memories that impact and count!

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