Ear Surgery from a Mother’s Perspective

My second oldest daughter has fought with ear problems since she was a baby. Carly started out with tubes because of too many ear infections. She developed a polyp in her left ear, which was removed leaving a massive hole in her eardrum. Surgery after surgery was done to rebuild her ear drum only to patch it because the surgery failed. Finally at 15 years old we accepted the fact that Carly’s ear liked having a hole in her eardrum. Years went by with her fighting pain, ear infections, and never being able to get her ear wet. She never really complained because that is all she knew.

We changed doctors and we were put in touch with one of the top ear surgeons in the world. He works with Mayo Clinic and it took months to get a consultation, but well worth the wait. Dr. L suggested surgery to fix Carly so her ear would not deteriorate  causing her to loose hearing as she got older.

With Dr. L’s experience and knowledge Carly has had a full recovery after a three hour surgery to permanently fix her hole in her eardrum. Her recovery has been so much easier then any other of her surgeries and she is doing well with minor hearing loss.

Dr. L and his nurses, along with the staff at Mayo Clinic are outstanding and I cannot say enough of all of them!

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