Post Ear Surgery

I decided to share my ear surgery on my social media a few days after undergoing my tenth ear surgery. At first I didn’t share it with anyone because I was terrified just thinking about undergoing ear surgery again.
When I was growing up I faced many ear problems in my left ear. I had tubes, which then caused a hole in my eardrum, and nine ear surgeries later I still had the hole in my eardrum. Eventually, my family and I decided my ear just ‘liked the hole’ and we left it alone. As I got older I learned to deal with the pain I had everyday from it and learned to almost ‘baby’ my ear knowing what to expect.
After months of waiting I learned Mayo Clinic had a surgeon who specialized in ears. I was just expecting a consultation being told my ear was fine and that my ear just ‘liked’ the hole.
But when I went the doctor told me the health of my ear had gotten worse but there was a new technology allowing cartilage taken from the top of the ear to be graphed where the hole was. By some miracle they had a cancelation and the following week for the surgery, otherwise I would’ve had to wait a few months.
That following Monday I underwent a three plus hour surgery at Mayo Clinic, which was definitely the most frightening thing I’ve ever gone through. I got through it praying.
I kept telling myself ‘it could be worse.’
The recovering from the surgery wasn’t anything I expected. I haven’t regained my full hearing and I don’t know if I will. After the surgery I was depressed because I couldn’t hear at all and I felt strange because with your ear there isn’t anything you can do to comfort it. It’s not like having stitches on the skin it is inside where you can’t physically see it.
The little things like washing your hair or putting a on a headband, wearing earrings, wearing sunglasses, even blowing drying your hair is still all different. I still don’t have the full feeling back on the top of my ear and I still can’t touch around my ear.
The challenge of not hearing though is definitely a challenge I am facing now.

Until next article update, if you guys have ever undergone ear surgery or have hearing problems comment and let me know.

xoxo- HeyitsCarlyRae

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