Inspiring People: Joseph Prince

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One  pastor that I find inspiring is Joseph Prince. He’s a pastor from Singapore and has a very large following around the world. I love his teachings because he explains the Bible passages in a way that I can understand it. His sermons are so inspiring to me that they carry me throughout the day. Through Joseph Prince I have had many questions answered and find myself always in a happy mood after listening to one of his audios because I feel so close to Jesus. He also has television broadcasts on many networks and sometimes in the morning while the house is quite I will get up early with my cup of coffee and tune in to his show.

If you are looking for someone to talk about the Bible, our Father, and Jesus in a way that is easy to follow and have never heard of Joseph Prince look him up. You can find him on many social media outlets and TV broadcasts and get spiritual inspired.

He is truly an inspiring person that transfers the message of the Bible to the everyday person. His messages he delivers are relatable and inspiring.

Above is a clip for you to listen to. Comment below what you love to watch that inspires you!

-Tamara, Founder

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