Having a Child with Autism and ADHD

Several years after my two youngest boys were diagnosed with ADHD and then a few months later autism, learning how to help them cope with everyday life has been a struggle, but I found some answers to help my two boys’.

I’m sure if you have a child with ADHD or Autism or both you’ve heard that sayings, “BOY, is he active,” or “Well that’s just a boy for you,” or “He needs a good spanking,” makes you feel like how I feel,  uneasy whenever you go in public. Dealing with a children suffering from ADHD and Autism is hard enough without adding other people’s remarks about situations they know nothing about.
I’ve gone to numerous pediatricians in my city and have had no luck in finding any help. They do advertise some place but each time a try a place to help my boys’ live everyday with ADHD and Autism they always end up in a place that comes right back to me having to help them. Pediatricians have tried the medicine prescribed, but my boys’ both had severe reactions to the medicine, so I’ve decided to try helping them with their sensory issues and allergies myself. I’ve tried special vitamins, special ‘dye free foods’, ‘gluten foods,’ special educational toys, each with no significant ‘magical’ outcome.

Some days I sit and think to myself ‘How can I a mother of seven, feel so inexperienced.’
As some of you know with kids dealing with these issues, it can be difficult emotionally and physically.
I’ve prayed about how to help the boys’ and asked Jesus to help me or give me a sign of something that will help them. The other day my prayers were answered. I asked my second youngest what I could do today to help him and he said ‘Let’s just go for a walk.’ As we got ready for our walk he said that he wanted to walk outside in the fresh-air and walk and explore things we passed. He made a point of saying he didn’t want to walk like he had to do complete a 5 mile marathon.

So for the past three days we’ve gotten up and gotten ready and we all three go on a walk. We talk about things they’ve read about the environment about Star Wars (their favorite movie right now), and just have fun.

I’ve noticed a difference the past few days in them. They don’t have a hard time falling asleep and it gets their mind off of only do one thing in a day.
So the update is so far the daily walks are helping them break-up their daily routines and gives them a different focus.

It’s a matter of taking specific time out of our busy schedules and fast-pace lifestyle and setting aside a few hours to get active with the younger boys. God again provides us with all we need if we just look, listen, and enjoy His abundance he provides for us in things that surround us everyday.
Write-in and let me know if you have suggestions or a child suffering with Autism, ADHD, or both.

-Tamara, Founder

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  1. Carrigan Hayes // January 25, 2017 at 3:04 PM // Reply

    You should try Neurofeedback therapy! Its also referred to as biofeedback therapy, but it has been shown to help with autism and ADHD. It’s still a fairly new therapy, but all of the reports that I have read and experienced myself with conducting the therapy have had nothing but positive results. It does make me a tad bit sleepy, but that’s it. I love that it is a non-invasive therapy and that I do not have to take any pills or shots to go with the therapy. I’ve even been able to knock down my dosage of ADHD medication from doing Neurofeedback training!

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    Another great read from a parent’s perspective.

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