Be Original in Joggers

An early spring trend I am loving is JOGGERS!! The key to make joggers stylish is getting a pair that fits your frame. Inspired by sweatpants, it is easy to “get lost” in the pants by getting a pair that is too baggy or loose. If you are under 5’4, you want to look for a petite fit. Also, I recommend going down a size, so the pants have a closer fit to your figure.
Once you find a pair that fits-, how do you style the pants? I recommend a fitted blouse with wedges or a cami & cardigan duo with flats. Both looks will be chic and effortless. If you are feeling bold add a print (as I did)! Adding a print send a message of confidence!
If you have questions on how to style your joggers comment below…. The ‘selfie’ below shows how I styled my jogger pant look.
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