Random Things We Love: Hallmark Movies


Maybe because it’s summertime or maybe because we just love romantic happy-ending movies, but I’m a huge fan of Hallmark movies.

I LOVE the storylines and I LOVE knowing the characters will ultimately solve their differences and live happily-ever after. It’s not always real life, but when I’m watching a movie I want the fantasy of thinking maybe…
I’m really excited for tonight’s new Hallmark movie featuring Hilary Burton, yes from One Tree Hill. I haven’t seen her in a movie in forever and I am SO excited for tonight’s premiere! It looks so cute with her being a book write and the guy in the movie being a chef.
This whole month every Saturday you can count on new Hallmark movies and then in August we finally get to see Chesapeake Shores premiere! I’ve been waiting for that series since December. We all remember seeing the preview way back then! Yes, it’s the same show!

So here’s to tonight’s new Hallmark movie, Summer Villa! Who’s excited to watch it?!

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