5 Best Ab Bosu Workouts

So I’ve been trying to find different ab workouts to do especially that it’s now summertime. If your like me you hate just doing a regular crunch because you end up pulling on your neck rather than focusing on abs.
I was surprised to find a lot of exercises that target your abs that don’t involve pulling on your neck. I happen to come across the Bosu ball for workout and I saw that not only does it accomplish an ab workout but also a full body workout.

I usually do a lot of cardio and wanted something to change things up in my routine so my workout didn’t become stagnent.
The Bosu ab workout I do three times a week and got all my workouts from the video. They work amazing! I admit I was so sore the first few times doing it. They really do target your abs, arms, and thighs. I didn’t do it for a few weeks and just did the workout again last night and I’m so sore today.
So definitely if you are like me and have been searching endlessly for an ab routine that will give you a toned look this is perfect. The bosu ball doesn’t hurt your neck or anything and gives you extra movement when you have to try and balance on the ball too!
Have you tried the Bosu ball?!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

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