Pick of the Week: GBeads

My ‘Pick of the Week’ trend goes to our latest Gbead ‘Spread the Faith’ edition bracelets
In case you aren’t familiar with GBeads they are bracelets designed to ‘Spread the Faith.’
Each bracelet is handmade with love in the USA and each contains wooden beads made by Christian families in Bethlehem. The authenticity of the GBeads are shown by their signature ‘G’ cross charm. If you don’t see that than it’s not an authentic Gbead.

Gbeads are quickly becoming known everywhere from California to Washington to Alabama and more! Each Gbead ‘Spread the Faith’ edition you get you wear 1 and give 1 to someone you know (or don’t) to #SpreadTheFaith. This is more of a movement of faith all around the USA and I am so glad to be apart of it.

So when you purchase a bracelet even wear both and if you meet someone who needs some faith in something their doing give them one of your bracelets.

Remember… #SpreadTheFaith

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