Ombre Lips in UNDER a Minute

So I’ve seen ombre lips everywhere on instagram and I couldn’t wait to see how to actually do them. Because let’s face it every beauty trend you’ve seen on instagram doesn’t always turn out! It ends up being way more complicated or follow the steps just don’t work!
Well I paired through Original Piece Mag with Kendra, a professional make-up artist and owner of Bellezza Salon in Ponte Vedra, Fl and we did the ombre lips in under a minute!
The colors Kendra chose I LOVE! It’s a soft pink color and I love the shimmer in the coloring! On Instagram it’s always matte, but you know me and how much I love sparkles, I loved the idea of including a shimmer in the lips!

Check-out the video above and follow the tutorial. Kendra used GloMineral makeup, which is my new favorite brand, and my lip color stayed on through the night! Definitely check-out the makeup brand! The photo taken below was of my for Jane Basche Jewelry, yes the monogram jewelry company that makes all the celebrity designs! The photo was taken by Ralphi from Ralphi Reign’s Photography

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