Budget Make-Up for College Girls by Bailee

Being in college means being on a budget. However, being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to look any less extraordinary! E.L.F.( Eyes Lips Face) is a makeup company that every college girl needs to invest in. They sell these makeup products at Walmart, Target, and on their personal website. Here are ten reasons to buy these products.
elf-cosmetics-feature1. Makeup brushes are $1.  (Yes, I was just as shocked as you are)
2. False eyelashes are $1 too.
3.  MASCARA……they have some for $1.
4. They have eye lashes curlers for yep, you guessed it $1.
5. Oh yea, tweezers are only $1.
6. That eyeliner sharpener you’ve been meaning to get, $1.
7. They also have nail polish…..$2.
8. Oh, and foundation? They have that too….all for under $9.
9.ALL lip gloss products are less than $3.
10. As if those 9 things weren’t enough, they are having a sell online right now.
Go and get these deals right now, and while you’re at it purchase a new and affordable dress from Original Piece with all the money you will save. Stay tuned for some more info on my favorite makeup brands and items!! 
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