Meet Your Ggirl Model and Ggirl Model ‘On the Go’: Syrita

Hi to everyone reading! My name is Syrita and I live in sunny Florida, however I was born in Philadelphia, PA. I attended University of Phoenix and graduated with my degree in Health Care Administration in 2013. I currently work as a civilian employee at our local sheriff’s office. I am a mother to one beautiful daughter, and a wife to a wonderful husband, in which I have known since 3rd grade. I first gained interested in modeling in my teenage years and discovered it was a talent that came pretty naturally.
paisley maxi front
I have participated in some local runway shows, including the Cover Model Fashion show in 2014, in which I won the title and was featured on the 2014 Jacksonville magazine cover. Ms. Kendra Timberlake of Bellezza Salon (also my fellow Original Piece Gmodel) did my make-up for that show! What and amazing opportunity it was to work with Salon Pk’s owner, Pekela Riley, as well as Agnes Lopez, of Posewell Studios and so many others on that photoshoot! I have been in several Ultimate Bridal Fantasy shows in Ponte Vedra, FL, working with Paulina Sylvestre and Argie Mitra, in which I always have such a fun time.
I have also participated in some photoshoots, such as one for Premier Bride magazine. I am so blessed to have networked with so many talented people and models that share my passion and love for the fashion industry! Besides modeling, I enjoy baking, drawing, swimming, skating, dancing and playing the drums. I am also a huge beach lover. My style can be best described as boho-chic. That is why I am in love with all of Original Piece’s clothing! Give me a tank, cardigan, flower headband, shorts and sandals, and Im good to go! Im so excited to begin my journey with working with Original Piece as a Gmodel. I fully believe in what Original Piece stands for. Be the originally beautiful person that God has created you to be. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

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